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President’s Message

A Message from the President

The Industrial Relations Society of NSW (IRSNSW) is your professional association. Founded in 1958, it is the oldest such association in Australia and I am proud to be the IRSNSW President.

The IRSNSW exists to encourage education and research in the field and to provide members with opportunities to network, to learn and to develop skills as industrial relations practitioners and to advance the community of industrial relations experts.

The Society has over 500 members including academics, state and federal government HR and IR practitioners, union officials, students, lawyers, advocates and consultants and tribunal members.

The Society provides an ideal forum to meet informally with others who are active participants in the field, or who have a major interest in the area, in the spirit of exchanging ideas and exploring experiences.

The Society’s Management Committee meets monthly to discuss activities of the Society, as well as general industrial relations and membership matters. The Committee is made up of representatives from private practice, government, unions, employer organisations, the tertiary sector and the legal fraternity.

The Society is a member of the Australian Labour and Employment Relations Association which has organisations in all states and territories of Australia. The Australian Labour and Employment Relations Association has links with similar international organisations.

The Society’s Committee members regularly attend and participate in national Executive meetings which ensure an ongoing and smooth exchange of information between the society organisations.

I encourage you to attend our events, participate in conventions and warmly welcome you as a member of the Industrial Relations Society of NSW.

John Counter
President IRSNSW

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